Columbia Residents Fuming After Personal Items Taken

On Wednesday, I started off with a story about "spoofing" scam phone calls in Fulton. Many people had been receiving phone calls with the Callaway County Sheriff's phone number showing up on their caller ID's. After a few phone calls and driving to the Sheriff's department to find the Sheriff gone for the day, my story fell though. Stories falling through isn't such an uncommon thing to happen to reporters so I wasn't worried and headed back to the newsroom to look for a new conquest.

Once back, the assignment desk handed me a few phone numbers of residents who had called in to complain about a situation they were facing. Watch my story below to find out why they were so upset:

On Thursday I also tagged along with a reporter to what I had hoped to be breaking news. Over the scanner we had heard six shots were fired in an apartment complex behind a YMCA in Jefferson City. Click here to read the story.


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