There's More To The Story Than Just What You See On TV

Mistakes happen all the time on air and I'll be the first to admit... I love going to youtube just to get out a laugh out of on air bloopers. I'm sure anyone in the business does it. Yeah, we feel bad and know what it feels like to be in their shoes, but if it happened to us we know that person would be laughing at us.

Just today I saw a video that came out years ago. It took place at Ball State University's television station. The title above the video read "Sports Anchor Doing Poorly" so I didn't know exactly what to expect... and boy I don't think I was ready for what I was about to get!

"Sports anchor reading poorly? How bad could it be?" I asked myself. I guess you can judge for yourself:

Just a little bit curious on how this might have happened, I decided to look it up. I came upon a "behind the scenes" article on what really happened that day... from the minute the teleprompter "stopped working", to the scripts being out of order, and how even though his "boom goes the dynamite" quote made him famous, it didn't score him any dates.

Next time you see a blooper on air, I urge you to think about what might have happened behind the scenes. Most of the time it's not the anchor's fault, although it is what they get paid to do and because they're the face on the screen people attribute the mistake entirely to them. I think the end of the column pretty much sums it up. For all you that think anchoring is easy... it's not.

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