Perfect Stranger In L.A.

For those of you who know me... well you know I love in-depth featury human interest stories.

About three years ago, when I first started here at Mizzou, I started my own project and website called "Eyes Into Columbia." The website featured people around Columbia and their life stories. Since then the project was swept under the rug, the stories long since forgotten. As many of you have experienced, college leaves very little time for a lot of side projects.... and "Eyes Into Columbia" just wasn't one I could keep up with.

Tonight I came across a blog I wanted to share with you. Perfect Stranger in L.A. features stories about people around L.A. I like the simple format of each blog post as well as the delineative and eloquent writing. If you have time I definitely suggest checking it out.

Props and congrats to the writer who was able to carry out a dream... that someday I hope I can carry out too.


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