Breaking News Galore... Well Almost

This past week has been a crazy one, and not just because of the snow! Check out some of my recent work below.

After spending all day in Jefferson City (about a 30 minute drive from the station), I went back to the station to write my script and cut my video. Just before the 5 p.m. newscast I began driving back to Jefferson City for my liveshot. Unfortunately, about halfway there the live truck operator called to me he couldn't get a signal. So back to the station I went to do an onset. After my onset, the live truck operator and master control was able to get a signal, so I raced back to Jefferson City to do my live shot for the 6 p.m. I really want to practice going live, so I was extremely happy about this. It also really made me appreciate the work our live truck operators do. Just another day in the life of a reporter!

Two State Buildings Evacuate In Fear The Roof Could Collapse:

On the way home from the liveshot I passed what looked like a really bad accident. Although I wasn't able to get any info on it (highway patrol was supposed to post a press release and didn't) we still aired it as a VO because it did effect traffic.

I anchored the Saturday newscast as well as visited a car mechanic that day to see if business had increased or not due to the large ice storm. They said since people were still digging their cars out business hadn't increased, but they expected it to this week. Click here to read
"Car Mechanics Gear Up to Deal With Storm Aftermath" or look for it in my anchoring segments below!


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