City Council, Post Office Working Out Mail Delivery Issues

A couple weeks ago at the Columbia City Council meeting, residents complained they weren't getting mail because of cars parking in front of their mailboxes. These cars were parked by a neighbor or someone they didn't know. On Wednesday, I went around investigating these complaints and found out what the post office and the city council's ideas were to fixing this problem. I spoke with Columbia postmaster Cindy Bolles, a resident, and a mail carrier.

I feel this story had a lot to do with luck. I was really hoping to ride along with a mail carrier, but the post office said this was not possible. So Bolles gave me the subdivisions where most of the complaints came from and I traveled there in hopes of finding someone who had a strong opinion on the issue.

After knocking on about 20 doors and speaking with numerous residents, I found most did have a problem with cars parking in front of their mailboxes. While in the subdivision, I also got really lucky and saw the mail carrier drive by. I ran up to her and let her know what I was working on and asked if she wouldn't mind me following her. I also asked her opinion. Without the resident and the mail carrier, I don't feel this story would have much value to it. I also tried to add as much nat sound as I could in the minute and ten seconds I had. Watch the story below.

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