Live Shots... The Rawest Form Of Reporting

Live shots... the rawest form of reporting. For some reporters live shots are a great time, and for others it can be a bit nerve wracking.

Here are some live shots I've seen... and what makes me believe they are good:

This liveshot is a combination of good video, the reporter putting us in the moment, and giving us an idea what is happening during the chaos of the Virginia Tech shootings. I really like that she explains how the alert system is still going on behind her.

This reporter has a lot of nerve and is able to keep his composure as he reports on wildfires ripping through San Diego. He reports on the home burning down behind him... his own home. He was able to convince the firefighters to let him get through to see it and report on it. One of the most craziest and sad liveshots I've seen.

After a terrible incident like the Columbine High School shootings, a liveshot like this can inform the parents at home real fast.

This is the only video I know of a reporter going live before the second tower collapsed on 9/11.

Click here to see what happens when you expect one news story and you get another. Props to the photographer for getting the video inside the courtroom and outside the window.

Being in the elements, as you saw in the wildfire video, can sometimes make the best live shots... although dangerous they really show the audience what it's like out in a storm. Click here to see a reporter going live during Hurricane Andrew.


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