A Look At The Past Few Weeks In Pictures

A street becomes flooded after a large rain storm moves through South Bend. The water was a few inches deep, but cars still forged their way through it.

This office at the Laporte County Fair Grounds says Sheriff's office, but this year a privately owned security firm will be on hand after a lawsuit was filed against several deputies.

Two men in ski masks, dropped off by a third man, robbed this pawn shop. As soon as they got in the door the door they fired a shot into the ceiling and told the customers to get down.

They then smashed in this case where the high end jewelry was, grabbed it, and ran out the door. The whole robbery took about 60 to 90 seconds.

The two men ran to this side of the store, where they knew there were no security cameras, and ran into the woods. Police are still looking for the three men. A version of the story that I did, coming soon!

State Representative John Proos, Congressman Fred Upton, and State Senator Ron Jelinek met in Niles to learn how one manufacturing company has managed to thrive. We took a tour around Delta Machining, a company that manufactures parts for the wind and solar industry, to see how they've become so successful during these tough times.

I interviewed all three politicians to see hear their thoughts on where Michigan's business economy is headed. Click here to read the story I wrote.

Police rescue a man off a bridge after the man threatened to commit suicide by jumping.

You think "cat stuck in tree stories" are only cliches? Think again! Little Chewy got stuck up in that green tree for four days, braving the wind, pouring rain, and even 97 degree heat.

Walt Temple Tree Service agreed to come rescue Chewy... and boy it sure was quite the rescue! Cherry picker and all...

Here's little Chewy enjoying his much needed Tuna... If you happen to get your cat stuck in a tree, don't call the fire department or your local Humane Society. Walt Temple suggests placing the cat's favorite food or toy in your cat's sight to help bring it down. If this doesn't work, try spraying a hose above the cat and hopefully the falling water will force it down.
A shredder coming to South Bend? The man who owns this property sure hopes not! Jim Parker owns 90 acres of land, but butted up against a portion of his land is a metal recycling business that hopes to put a shredder in. Parker doesn't want to deal with the noise the shedder could create and he says his property could be a great development in a few years.. but not in a shedder is put in.

We spoke with Parker who calls the shedder idea "ludicrous".

Here is the metal recycling yard right next to Parker's property.

Randy Schlipp, the man who owns the recycling company, says the shedder shouldn't make much noise, won't create an odor, and will bring about 30 jobs to South Bend.

Doing a stand up describing how the metal recycling company tested the sound a shredder would make with a decibel reader. My version of the story coming soon!

NISPCO is debating whether or not to have a base rate hike for natural gas use. We spoke with the Studebaker National Museum to see how it could affect them.

Passing by on the heat or air conditioning is not an option for the museum. They must keep their temperature at a constant 68 degrees to preserve artifacts and cars like these in the museum.

A 17-year-old boy is found shot dead in his trailer home here at Countryside Village. You can't tell in the pictures, but more than a dozen police cars showed up, along with Metro homicide and investigators. They still haven't caught the person who did it.

A man on his way to the restaurant he visited every Saturday with family, was killed at this intersection while riding his motorcycle. The man who killed him was on his way home from Indianapolis. He was high and traveling at a very high rate of speed when he hit the man on the motorcycle, sending him the length of two football fields. We spoke with the motorcyclist's pastor who describes him as a lover of this country. The man driving his BMW, ended flipping his car several times.

Urban Adventure Games is coming back to South Bend for a second year! Teams from South Bend and states across the Midwest will travel on foot, bike, and even down the East Race (pictured here). They will be asked to do either mental or physical tasks.

Protesters marched the street of South Bend expressing their thoughts on why they are against Arizona's Immigration Law.

They ended their protest at the public natatorium where a few speakers made their statements.


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