Capturing The Moment

When I was younger it always seemed like my video camera was attached to my hand, but as I got older and things got busier I found less and less time to edit my videos. Now, after finally saving up and buying myself an SLR camera, I find it's no longer the video camera attached to my hand, but my still camera. Below are a some albums from a few trips I have taken lately.

I'm a huge fan of photography. Even though I may say I'm not exactly passionate about it... I can say I am obsessed with taking pictures and capturing the moment. Enjoy!

Unfortunately, due to the limited space allowed on Flickr each month, I was not able to upload all the pictures I wanted from my trip to Indianapolis. These photos include the Indy 500 racetrack and former president Benjamin Harrison's home. Once it allows me that space, I will be sure to add those!


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