One Sky... One World

Like many, I’ve never really thought of kite flying as a sport, much less a majestic sport. But as I learned after attending the “One Sky, One World” event in Columbia there is much more to kite flying than throwing a kite up in the air and watching it soar. It’s been a long-time hobby for some. People who have dedicated a lot of time learning how to pull off tricks in the air, building the kites, learning how to fly them to music, and participating in kite flying contests.

On October 11, people from all over the world went out into their communities and soared their kites in the annual “One Sky, One World” event, promoting protection of the planet and encouraging peace between all cultures.

Here in Columbia at Cosmo-Bethal Park, I met some really great people at the event and enjoyed talking with them. Some were from kite flying clubs all over the state. They gave me some interesting insight into what makes kite flying more than just a thing for kids. One of the flyers even let me fly the two string kite, I can definitely say I won't be trying out the four stringer any time soon...

This story is presented in an audio postcard. Basically an audio postcard is a mix of soundbites and sound to give the listener the illusion they are at the event. It’s a way to tell the story through different people who were there.


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